2. Projects Led by Collaborators where QCCS Members are CIs (Current/Closed)

Project Project Lead (CIA) QCCS member(s) as CI Status (Current / Writing-up/Closed)
Collaborative (Current)
Ovarian Cancer Prognosis and Lifestyle (OPAL) study: long-term outcomes Penny Webb Vanessa Beesley Current
Patterns of care and quality of life in patients with pancreatic cancer study Rachel Neale Vanessa Beesley, David Wyld Current
Adolescent and young adult cancer patients: Cognitive Toxicity on Survivorship (ACTS) Alex Chan Ray Chan Current
Primary Melanoma Project – Patient-Reported Outcome (PMP-PRO) study Adele Green Vanessa Beesley Current
Care of Head And Neck cancer Needs Evaluation (CHANNEL) study Annika Antonsson Vanessa Beesley, Jane Turner Current
Dietary patterns and preferences/attitudes of cancer patients regarding sources of information about the diet during cancer treatment Melissa Eastgate David Wyld Current
The CARE trial: A comparison of communication skills training workshops for health professionals working in cancer care interdisciplinary teams Jodie Nixon Jane Turner Current
The feMMe trial Andreas Obermair Monika Janda Current
LACE trial Andreas Obermair Monika Janda Current
Lived experience of young women with ovarian cancer Tetske Heijnk Monika Janda Current
Enhancing Parenting in Cancer (EPIC): Development and evaluation of a brief psycho-educational intervention to support parents with cancer who have young children Lesley Stafford Jane Turner Current
The changing landscapes of survivorship:  A sociological study of life with cancer Alex Broom Patsy Yates, David Wyld Current
Younger Women’s Wellness after Cancer Program: Pilot Study Debbie Anderson Patsy Yates, Jane Turner, Ray Chan Current
Collaborative Studies (Closed)
A culturally adapted, multidisciplinary psychoeducation program for early-stage breast cancer survivors in Asia: A randomized, controlled trial. Alexandre Chan Ray Chan Closed
Enhancing cognitive function after breast cancer treatment with the Younger Women’s Wellness After Cancer Program Alexandra McCarthy Patsy Yates Closed
Pre-post determination of effect of oncogeriatric assessment and intervention on chemotherapy outcomes in solid cancer patients aged 70 years and over Alexandra McCarthy Patsy Yates Closed
Closing the Divide: Assessing and Navigating the Unmet Supportive Care Needs of Indigenous Cancer Patients. Patricia Valery Vanessa Beesley Closed
Evaluation of an Instrument to Assess the Supportive Care Needs of Indigenous Patients with Cancer. Gail Garvey Vanessa Beesley Closed
Assessing unmet supportive care needs and quality of life in patients with cutaneous invasive melanoma. Alexander Molassiotis Vanessa Beesley Closed
Finding my Way: A randomised controlled trial evaluating an internet self-help program for cancer-related distress Lisa Beatty Jane Turner Closed
Coping-Together: A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Self-directed Coping Skills Intervention for Patients with Cancer and their Partners Afaf Girgis Jane Turner Closed
Evaluation of a psychological and educational intervention for fear of cancer recurrence: A clustered randomised controlled trial Phyllis Butow Jane Turner Closed
Women Wellness After Cancer Program (APP 1056856) Debbie Anderson Patsy Yates, Jane Turner Closed
Models of survivorship care provision in adult patients with haematological cancer: an integrative literature review. Karen Taylor Leanne Monterosso, Ray Chan Closed
A systematic review on quality of life among patients at 1 year after treatment for head and neck cancer. Winnie So Ray Chan Closed
What type and dose of antidepressants are cancer and non-cancer inpatients being prescribed: A retrospective case-control study at an Australian tertiary hospital Saira Sanjida Monika Janda Complete