PREPARES: Patients and Relatives affected by Pancreatic cancer: Referral, Education and Support trial (Status: Ongoing)

People with pancreatic cancer have the worst prognosis of any cancer, with 50% of deaths occurring within five months of diagnosis. Our previous observational research indicates that pancreatic cancer patients and their carers have exceptionally high levels of unmet needs, and are more distressed than other cancer patients. PREPARES is a pilot intervention trial, in which families are offered up to 10 sessions of counselling delivered by a trained nurse via telehealth technology. The intervention is based on a self-efficacy paradigm and involves assessing needs, delivering intervention components appropriate to those needs, and providing feedback to clinicians where the nurse’s assessment is that further medical investigation and management may be warranted. The pilot trial will assess feasibility and acceptability of the intervention and will inform the development of a fully powered trial aimed to investigate the effects of the PREPARES intervention on distress, quality of life, supportive care needs, clinical factors (e.g. pain) and survival. For more information, please contact lead PI- Dr Vanessa Beesley.