PROMISE: Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in cancer care: a hybrid effectiveness-Implementation trial to optimise Symptom control and health service Experience


  • Cancer Council Queensland and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute: $2,000,000

The routine collection of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) has the potential to inform and improve cancer care. It is now feasible for patients to complete electronic PROMs providing information about their current levels of symptoms, side-effects of treatment and other concerns prior to each treatment /follow-up visit. PROM scores can be tracked over time allowing more timely identification of problems and more appropriate intervention. Studies show clear benefits in patient-clinician communication when PROMs are used but information about the effects on health outcomes and, particularly, the cost-effectiveness of incorporating this information into practice is limited. Trials in the USA and France found cancer patients randomised to complete regular e-PROMs reported better health-related quality of life, had fewer unplanned hospital visits and, importantly, significantly better survival than those randomised to usual care. e-PROM tools are being developed in Australia but whether they will be effective and, importantly, cost-effective in the Australian context is unknown.

PROMISE is a multi-centre, randomised hybrid effectiveness/implementation trial to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of using e-PROMs in routine cancer care to improve patient outcomes. We hypothesise that, compared to usual care, patients randomised to use an e-PROM tool will have fewer unplanned hospital presentations/admissions, report better health-related quality of life and greater satisfaction with their care, and that the e-PROM tool will be cost-effective compared with usual care.

For more information, please contact lead PI- Professor Penny Webb

Research Team: Penny Webb, Raymond Chan, Bena Brown, David Wyld, Sabe Sabesan, Louisa Gordon, Gunter Hartel, Afaf Girgis, Melissa Eastgate, Jasotha Sanmugarajah, Lauralie Wishart, Rebecca Nund, Martin Doyle (Consumer), Elizabeth Miller (Consumer).