The STEP Study (Status: Completed)

The STEP Study is an international service-mapping study that examined survivorship care provision for cancer survivors in the Asia-Pacific Region. This study involved 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region and comprised of two parts. Part 1 of the study examined health professionals’ perspectives of; (i) their responsibilities, confidence levels, and current practices in relation to post-treatment survivorship care for patients with cancer; and (ii) individual, organisational, and professional factors that influence the provision of survivorship care. Part 2 of the study assessed survivorship care needs, quality of life and symptom burden from the perspectives of cancer survivors. This study was completed in early 2017. The findings from this study can inform the design of survivorship services and future interventions in this region. For more information, please contact Professor Raymond Chan.


Part 1: Click here to access the paper published in BMC Cancer.

Part 2: Click here to access the paper published in Annals of Oncology.