The PREPARES Trial (Status: Ongoing)
PREPARES: Patients and RElatives affected by PAncreatic cancer: Referral, Education and Support trial People with pancreatic cancer have the worst
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The ENGAGE Trial (Status: Ongoing)
The ENGAGE Trial (Status: Ongoing) Through the ENGAGE trial, our research team has collaborated with consumers and representatives from the
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The ENHANCES Study (Status: Completed)
The ENHANCES Study (Status: Completed) The ENHANCES study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a survivorship intervention in improving the
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Activity Register (updated on 19-09-2017)

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1. Projects Led by QCCS Members (Current/Closed)

Project Project Lead (CIA) QCCS Member(s) as CI Status (Current / Writing-up/Closed)
Systematic Reviews   
Implementation of Patient Reported Outcome Assessments to improve patient outcomes: patient benefit from a PRO intervention versus control. A Systematic Review Natasha Roberts Monika Janda, David Wyld Current
What benefit does the provision of psychological interventions have on anxiety in patients with cancer? A systematic review and meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials Saira Sanjida Monika Janda Current
Associations between financial toxicity and symptom burden in cancer survivors Ray Chan Ray Chan, Patsy Yates Current
Supporting women to live well with gynaecological cancers: Systematic Literature Review Vanessa Beesley Vanessa Beesley Current
A systematic review of financial toxicity among cancer survivors Louisa Gordon Louisa Gordon, Ray Chan Closed
Physical and psychological interventions for adolescent and young adults (AYA) cancer survivors: A systematic review Natalie Bradford Ray Chan Closed
Systematic review of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to manage cognitive alterations after chemotherapy for breast cancer Ray Chan Ray Chan Closed
Effects and moderators of exercise on quality of life and physical function in patients with cancer: an individual patient data meta-analysis of 34 RCTs Johannes Brug Sandi Hayes Closed
Systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of exercise for those with cancer-related lymphoedema Sandi Hayes Sandi Hayes Closed
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the safety, feasibility and effect of exercise in women with stage II+ breast cancer Ben Singh Sandi Hayes Writing-up
Incidence of unilateral lymphoedema after breast cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis Anna Finnane Sandi Hayes Closed
Review of Research Evidence on Secondary Lymphoedema: Incidence, prevention, risk factors and treatment Sandi Hayes Sandi Hayes Closed
Randomised Controlled Trials   
A sequential multiple assignment randomised trial (SMART) of nursing interventions to reduce pain associated with chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (APP 1129532) Patsy Yates Ray Chan, David Wyld Current
Improving quality of life in high-risk cancer populations: a randomised trial of a structured intervention for head and neck cancer survivors (ENHANCES) (APP1041640) Jane Turner Jane Turner, Patsy Yates, Ray Chan, Louisa Gordon Writing-up
A randomized controlled trial of aetiology based antiemetic guidelines to reduce nausea in advanced cancer patients (APP 614247) Patsy Yates Patsy Yates Closed
SAFE trial: safety and feasibility of exercise for women with breast cancer (ACTRN12616000547448) Sandi Hayes Sandi Hayes Current
Pilot Randomised Controlled Trials   
Towards improved support of patients with pancreatic cancer and their families. Vanessa Beesley David Wyld, Ray Chan, Jane Turner, Patsy Yates, Monika Janda Current
A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial of a Nurse-led Survivorship Intervention for Empowering patients with Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after treatment: (The ENGAGE Trial) Ray Chan Ray Chan, Patsy Yates, Jane Turner, Glen Kennedy, Louisa Gordon, Natalie Bradford, Elise Button Current
A Patient-family-Centered intervention to promote Nutrition In advanced Cancer patients: a pilot randomised controlled trial Ray Chan Patsy Yates, David Wyld, Gillian Nasato, Elise Button Current
The Patient And Carer’s well-being, values and preferences, living with life-threatening illness Elise Button Patsy Yates, Raymond Chan Current
Implementation Studies/Health Service Research
Healthy Living after Cancer: Evaluating the integration of an evidence-based lifestyle intervention for cancer survivors into the Cancer Council 13 11 20 service (APP1074356) Elizabeth Eakin Sandi Hayes, Marina Reeves, Louisa Gordon Current
A pilot study to assess the feasibility of an Integrated Survivorship Intervention to improve patient and service level outcomes for men with prostate cancer Patsy Yates Patsy Yates Current
Evaluation of a National Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Program Patsy Yates Patsy Yates Current
The effects of bundled interventions on clinical practice for fertility  preservation amongst young cancer patients Natalie Bradford Natalie Bradford, Roz Henney, Ray Chan Closed
Other Evaluative Research
The BRACE study: A Pilot study evaluating exercise following brain cancer Sandi Hayes Sandi Hayes Current
Exercise for Health – tailored exercise intervention for women with breast cancer Sandi Hayes Louisa Gordon, Elizabeth Eakin Closed
Exercise during Chemotherapy for Ovarian cancer  (ECHO) trial Sandi Hayes Elizabeth Eakin, Monika Janda, Vanessa Beesley, Louisa Gordon, Current
Economic/Cost Evaluation   
Patient out-of-pocket costs for major cancers in Queensland Louisa Gordon Louisa Gordon Current
Working after Cancer Study (WACS) among men and women with colorectal cancer Louisa Gordon Louisa Gordon, Vanessa Beesley Closed
PRO and other Observational Research   
Lived experience of young women with ovarian cancer Tetske Heijnk Monika Janda Current
Survivorship care for patients with cancer after Treatment completion in the Asia-Pacific Region: An international service-mapping study (The STEP Study) Ray Chan Ray Chan, Patsy Yates, David Wyld Closed
Examining the relationship between financial toxicity and symptom burden in breast cancer survivors Ray Chan Patsy Yates, Louisa Gordon Current
Chemotherapy for Ovarian cancer Personal Experience (COPE) study Vanessa Beesley Vanessa Beesley, Patsy Yates Current
PRO-NET Project: Patient Reported Outcomes in people with Neuro-Endocrine Tumours David Wyld David Wyld, Vanessa Beesley Current
Supporting women to live well with gynaecological cancers: Environmental Scan Vanessa Beesley Vanessa Beesley, Patsy Yates Current
iPROMOS: Implementations of PROMS in routine oncology care Natasha Roberts Monika Janda, David Wyld Current
Mapping the clinical care, location of care and outcomes of adolescents and young adults with cancer in Queensland: an epidemiological study Natalie Bradford Natalie Bradford, Roz Henney Writing-up
Evaluation of the Queensland Youth Cancer Service: development of a partnership model to improve access and quality of care Natalie Bradford Natalie Bradford, Roz Henney Writing-up
Preferences and priorities for service models of cancer care: the perspectives of young people affected by cancer Natalie Bradford Bec Greenslade Current
Provision of Survivorship Care for patients with a haematological malignant at completion of treatment: a single centre study and an Australian national study Ray Chan Ray Chan, Patsy Yates Closed
GO PRO – Getting the most Out of Patient Reported Outcomes datasets Vanessa Beesley Vanessa Beesley, Louisa Gordon Closed
Do Support Services, Diet and Exercise Alleviate Distress in Australian Women with Ovarian Cancer and their Partners? Vanessa Beesley Vanessa Beesley Closed
An exercise intervention for women undergoing primary treatment for ovarian cancer: feasibility and preliminary outcomes. Vanessa Beesley Vanessa Beesley, Louisa Gordon Closed
The Experience of Gynaecological Cancer Survivors: Supportive Care Needs and Use Vanessa Beesley Vanessa Beesley Closed
LEGS study: Prospective evaluation of lymphoedema among patients with gynaecological cancer Sandi Hayes Sandi Hayes, Monika Janda Closed
Qualitative Research   
NET: Cancer on the margins: A qualitative study of neuroendocrine patients’ experiences of living with rare tumours David Wyld David Wyld Current
Understanding and improving social support amongst women with cancer: a qualitative study Zarnie Lwin David Wyld Writing-up
Research Higher Degree Students (Current Only)
Identifying clinical indicators that signal a person with a haematological malignancy is at risk of deteriorating and dying (QUT PhD) Elise Button Patsy Yates, Ray Chan Thesis under examination
Patient Reported Outcomes in a Medical Oncology Setting (QUT PhD) Natasha Roberts David Wyld Current
The Psychosocial impact of allogeneic stem cell donation on adult sibling donors (UQ PhD ) Nienke Zomerdijk Jane Turner Current
The role and perspectives of caregivers/family members concerning Symptom Self-Management support for patients with advanced cancer: A qualitative study (The SM2 Qual study) (QUT Masters) Ruth Birch Ray Chan, Patsy Yatesr Current
Evaluation of a combined exercise and nutrition program for adolescents and young adult oncology outpatients: a feasibility study (QUT Masters) Kiki Thompson Natalie Bradford, Roz Henney Current
Survivorship Care Model for Patients post HSCT (QUT Masters) Justine Leach Ray Chan, Patsy Yates Current
Identifying factors that influence specialist palliative care referrals for hospitalised patients with advanced cancer (QUT Masters) Sarah Northfield Patsy Yates, Ray Chan Current
Examination of unmet care needs of elderly haematology patients (QUT Masters) Therese Hayes Ray Chan, Patsy Yates Current
Patterns of care in geriatric oncology – Health service usage and primary care involvement (QUT Masters) Tai Downer Louisa Gordon, Ray Chan Current